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Sample Development  & Production Management

We will manage the complex sample development and production process, which requires experience and direct knowledge of the process in order to execute it successfully.

We've worked with several clients who have attempted to try this part of the launch process on their own and wound up spending anywhere from 6 months to 1 year and over $10,000 only to find themselves with poor fitting samples and incorrect tech packs. Let us put our expertise to work for you so you can get it right the first time around.
The sample development and production process is complex and has a lot of moving parts that fit together in a very specific way; if anything is out of order, it could all go wrong.

With 30 years of experience under our belt in the fashion industry and launching apparel brands, you can entrust us to manage this process for you, while working closely with you along the way.
Once your factory is in place, our founder will manage the entire sample development process for you, and will act as a liaison between you, our in-house director of technical design, and your chosen factory, until all samples are approved. 


Our founder will work with you to determine the right amount of production units needed to align with your selling strategy.


She will then place your production order with the same factory who developed your samples (there is a separate fee if you decide to place your production order with a separate factory other than the one who created your samples).  


She will manage your entire production order until its satisfactory completion. This includes fielding questions from the factory, ensuring the production calendar is executed in a timely manner, communicating delays, changes, and unforeseen circumstances that may arise, resolving technical issues if they arise, educating you on the entire production process, advising you of all of the production related options before the process starts, helping to coordinate bulk yardage, trim, labels, and packaging delivery to the factory, and making a very complex process easy for you! 

Please Note: The cost for patterns, muslins (if applicable), samples and any revisions, additional samples, labels, hangtags, and packaging is not included, as it is billed separately by the factory and label vendor.


The cost for the fit models/modeling agency fees, fit sessions, fit notes, and fit comments, as it is billed separately by the model management company and LYC. The cost for actual production units, as well as assembly of hangtags and cellophane packaging is not included, as it is billed separately by the factory.


Grading prices are an additional expense and are billed by Launch Your Collection once samples are approved, just prior the production step. Sample and bulk fabric yardage is billed separately from the fabric vendor. Minor additional sample and production costs that are not listed may also arise. Some factories charge cutting fees or other minor fees. All will quoted upfront so you can make unrushed decisions.


If screen printing or embroidery is required, they will be billed separately. The cost for an artwork tech pack (if needed) for any of your styles is not included and billed separately. Shipping of fabric and of samples are the responsibility of the client. Estimates of these costs are included in the Launch Proposal that we provide after you have a complimentary Discovery Call with our founder.



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Included in this Package


Remote video conference fit sessions will be led by our director of technical design and will be attended by our founder, and yourself, as the fashion designer/client. They are conducted via video conference, so you can participate in your fittings from the comfort of your home. We are proud of our ongoing record of attaining an average of 2 fit sessions prior to sample approval. However 2-4 fit sessions are typical to this process.



Our founder will help secure a professionally trained fit model through a modeling agency, who can try on your samples and provide accurate feedback to our technical designer. 




4-5+ months depending
on the total # of styles being produced

sample development and
production management
fee: $5,500

Project Lead




Our Director of Technical Design will create all fit comments after each fit session and submit them to your factory. She will either request a revision to your sample or she will request for a new sample to be made until all samples are approved.


fit model fee: $480
per 2 hour fit session

fit session fee:

Purchasing Information

To purchase this service, please schedule a Discovery Call with our founder by clicking on the button below.

If you are an existing client, please let our founder

know via email that you are ready to book this service.

fit comments:
$300 per style

Each and every service you book with us is managed
and overseen by our founder to ensure a seamless
launch experience from start to finish. In addition,
the following project lead(s) will serve as your direct
point of contact for this service. To learn more about
our team members, please click the name(s) below.
Lisa BIO photo Mint green tank top.png

Lisa Springsteel Dupré,

Founder & President

Nicole Melendez

Director of Technical Design

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