Branding Guide & Workbook

Our Branding Guide and Workbook is the most comprehensive and in-depth branding guide on the market, hands down without question.

Best described as a mini course, six modules walk you through the process of discovering and developing every single branding component necessary to create a solid brand strategy. You will walk away with a compelling brand story and a polished and cohesive brand identity with the intent on developing a loyal customer base.
Our Branding Guide and Workbook contains the following 6 Modules:
  • Module 1 | Learning the What, When, and Why of Branding
  • Module 2 | Understanding Brand Strategy
  • Module 3 | Defining Your Brand
  • Module 4 | Discovering your Brand DNA
  • Module 5 | Creating Your Brand Identity
  • Module 6 | Understanding Brand Equity
It also provides you with Behind-the-Brand case studies for Ralph Lauren and Aldo, top tips for branding your apparel collection from Tom Ford, a branding glossary, and compelling fashion and brand quotes throughout.
Once you complete your Branding Guide and Workbook, our founder will personally review your answers and provide you with expert edits and revisions to perfectly polish each section.
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Included in this Package


Six modules walk you through the process

of crafting a solid brand strategy that will help

you to develop a loyal customer base. You'll identify your target market, discover your brand purpose, craft your brand narrative, develop your unique selling proposition (USP) and brand positioning statement (BPS) and so much more. 


The Launch Your Collection founder

will personally review your responses

to the Branding Guide and Workbook, and provide you with expert advice, edits, and recommendations for changes to ensure

your answers are perfectly polished and

position your brand is the best possible way.


Our fillable PDF format makes it easy to fill out

and edit later, so you will never have to print it

out, enter your answers in by hand, or scan it.


"The Branding Guide and Workbook
was a great exercise! I put quite a bit
of time, thought, and effort into it and
it really helped me to clarify what I want
my brand to represent."



We have found the Branding Guide and Workbook to be incredibly helpful and it fantastic! We used it on a phone call with a marketing agency and it was invaluable; they asked me to answer five items about my brand that I had already completed in the Branding Guide! I also love the fact that I got to work one-on-one with the Launch Your Collection Founder and CEO to craft my brand identity and strategy. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and helpful brand strategy tool!

Where the Branding Guide and Workbook really shined for us was the realization of how much thought and work goes into creating a brand! 
The workbook also validated our thoughts on
the emotional connection with a brand idea. 
This really resonates with our working brand idea. Also, we both could easily repeat the workbook exercises many times to really gain
a grasp of the creative process." 



Thanks so much for the extra time to work on this guide, it was so extremely helpful, I honestly could have spent another month on it just carefully going through and crafting everything - it was so much fun!  




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