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Selling Strategy Guide

Before you even begin designing your collection, you need to develop a solid selling strategy that takes into account all of the different selling revenue streams available to your apparel brand.

We'll provide you with all the latest selling revenue stream options, along with the pros and cons of each method. Created and written by our founder, it also includes her recommended selling strategy formula specifically geared to the emerging fashion brand.
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Creating a selling strategy is an essential step for any emerging fashion brand before you embark on the sample development and production process. Having a selling strategy in place will allow you to better plan out your long-term goals and also your production units when you get to the production step of the launch process.

Our comprehensive, 87-page Selling Strategy Guide written by our founder specifically focused on the needs of emerging fashion brands provides you with the following:

  • The 3 main selling revenue stream types and the major potential selling opportunities within each type, along with the pros and cons for each (some examples of selling revenue streams that are covered in the guide are direct-to-consumer (DTC), influencer marketing, and trunk shows.

  • Links to selling resources

  • Inspirational selling quotes throughout

  • Recommended selling strategy for a fashion start-up from our founder

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