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Launch Your Collection Client Spotlight: VASI Moda

Brand: VASI Moda

Founder: Betsy Callas

Location: Tampa, Florida

Launch Year: 2014

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): For those who are both fashion and socially conscious, VASI Moda delivers effortlessly stylish statement accessories that marry fashion with philanthropy.

Story Behind the Brand: Betsy's personal experience with breast cancer was the pivotal point that encouraged her to realize her lifelong dream of launching a luxury scarf collection. Allowing her to combine her passion for fashion, design and art, with her desire to help those following her on the same journey through cancer. She created VASI, as a marriage of fashion and philanthropy, and donates a percentage of every purchase to further the advances that are made to improve the outcome and quality of life for those undergoing breast cancer treatments

Clothing or Accessories: Accessories

Accessory Type: Women's scarves

Product Categories: Signature scarf, B square

Launch Your Collection Products and Services Provided: Celebrity Stylist Outreach, Fashion Branding Guide, Media Kit, Linesheet, Buyer Order Form, Executive Summary for Business Plan

Manufacturing Location: Como, Italy

Retail Price Points: $105, $360

Where to Buy:


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