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Tom Brady Launches First Athleisure Collection

Updated: May 25, 2023

Author: Swim Week Calendar Blog

Tom Brady has launched his first fashion collection following his retirement from the NFL.


The former New England Patriot player has dropped BRADY, his inaugural men's athletic wear line - which is available at selected Nordstrom stores and on the brand’s website - with two defining categories ‘TRAIN’ and ‘LIVE’, which is one step towards Tom’s dream of a “full lifestyle brand” inspired by his own.

The 44-year-old Super Bowl champion told GQ: “I really wanted to do a full, lifestyle brand. In my life, it’s football in the morning, and I train. But then I’m home and I do family things: I go play basketball with my kids outside; go for a walk; then you’re chilling out at dinner. I wanted to have enough where you could go between different parts of the collection and put things on and they’d feel really comfortable, look good, fit good, and they would fit for whatever occasion you’re heading off to.”

The collection comes with two categories; ‘TRAIN - which is made up of garments, in high-performance materials - and LIVE - a array of clothes for everyday life - and prices start at $20 to $495. Tom - who is married to supermodel, Gisele Bundchen with who he has son, Benjamin, 12, and daughter, Vivian, nine, and from his previous relationship with Bridget Moynahan, he has John, his 14-year-old son - is aiming to give people “multi-functional” clothes.

In a statement, he said: "Working with a best-in-class team has helped me apply everything I've learned throughout my career to create a multi-functional brand that incorporates the best in tech, fabric and innovative design."

One of the co-founders Jens Grede, who also works with Kim Kardashian on her iconic SKIMS shapewear line - wants Tom become American football’s answer to Michael Jordan. He told GQ: “I remember saying to him that there is no reason why you wouldn't build the Jordan of football, so to speak. What does that look like in a modern context?”

Creative director Dao-Yi Chow - who founded the clothing brand Public School - was also enlisted to work on the line and described its aesthetic as “active lifestyle with a tailored sensibility”.

He continued to the magazine: “It was super important when we first started developing the brand that it was fabric-led and textile-led, and making sure we were looking at innovations that really enhance performance.”

FUN FACT: Lisa, the Launch Your Collection founder worked with Dao-Yi-Chow at Sean John when she was consulting fabric director and he was creative director, both working alongside Sean Combs.

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