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Fashion A ttorney Resource Guide

Are you in need of a fashion attorney for your new apparel brand, but simply do not have the time to research one in your area?


We've got you covered with our Fashion Attorney Resource Guide, which provides you with a comprehensive listing by state of fashion attorneys who specialize in fashion and trademark law. We also included some insider tips for reaching out to attorneys and some helpful fashion attorney resources.

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The last thing you want to have to do is take the time to find a fashion attorney when you are busy working on all the various steps of your launch.

Fashion lawyers perform a broad range of duties from drafting and negotiating contracts to addressing and litigating trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property issues in the areas of licensing, merchandising, distribution, and franchising agreements to intellectual property, employment, and labor relations. They're in charge of forming and dissolving business entities and advising on branding development and protection.

So we've done the hard work for you by compiling a comprehensive listing of fashion attorneys across the United States who specialize in fashion and trademark law. But we didn't stop there. We also included additional helpful information to make this fashion attorney guide a truly valuable resource for you, the creative entrepreneur.

Included in this Package


Our Fashion Attorney Guide includes:

  • An in-depth listing of fashion attorneys searchable by city and state, making it easy to find a reputable fashion attorney that is local to you.

  • Background information on fashion law

  • Top questions to ask before hiring a fashion attorney

  • Fashion law resources


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