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Our main goal with tech pack development is to make sure your styles are represented according to your vision.

Tech Packs consist of 5 different sections, which each need to be approved by you, the designer. If your tech packs are not created by an experienced technical designer, it can cost you a lot of money and time, including the risk of customer returns once you launch. Work with our in-house technical design team to avoid this.

You will have a either a 1, 2 or 2.5 hour (depending on the total # of styles you are producing) tech-pack kick-off call with the LYC Founder and our Director of Technical Design that will allow you to understand what sections are included in our tech packs, how the tech pack process works, and get introduced to our director of technical design who will be working alongside you on the tech pack service.


During this important call, you will also explain your vision for your apparel brand and walk our director of technical design through each of your styles down to every detail.


She will go over how to best execute your design elements. She will also ask you a variety of questions to ensure you are not leaving out any design details pertinent to the garment you are designing.


BONUS: You will also get the opportunity to request for flat sketches of any design elements for any style that you would like to see options for so you can have a visual to compare, which will help you to finalize the designs of your garments.


Throughout this service, our founder and Technical Designer will provide you with expert guidance and advice to ensure that your vision for each of your garments is executed exactly as you imagined them to be.


Our tech packs set the standard for the industry - they are comprehensive, in-depth, and perfectly executed.


Our in-house Technical Designer will work alongside you to create your full tech packs, including a technical sketch of your garment in three (3) different views. which will include the following sections: 1) Black and White flat sketches of each style; 2) Color CADS of each style; 3) Call out details; 4) Construction details; 5) Bill of Materials (BOM); 6) Specs (measurements) for each garment in your apparel brand's fit size


You will have the opportunity to review each section and since our tech packs tend to be executed successfully the first time around, we allow for one (1) revision for the entire tech pack. 


Please note: Grading is not included in our tech pack service and will either be done by your factory or in-house. You will also be asked to send reference samples to our director of technical design to establish your fit. The LYC founder will explain these in more detail during that step in the launch process. 

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Included in this Package

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design board set-up

tech pack kick-off call:
1-2 styles = 1 hour: $450
3-5 styles = 2 hours: $900
5-10 styles = 3 hours: $1,350

tech pack development:

$500 per style

2-4 weeks

Project Lead(s)

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Tech Pack Development

Technical Packages (or the abbreviated 'tech packs,' as they are called in the fashion industry) are the blueprint for each of the styles in your apparel collection.

The purpose of a tech pack is to clearly define all the important style and construction details, fabric information and measurements for each of your styles so that your factory can translate them into patterns and samples, and eventually your production order.
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To Purchase

Lisa BIO photo Mint green tank top.png

Lisa Springsteel Dupré,

Founder & President

Nicole Melendez

Director of Technical Design

Each and every service you book with us is managed
and overseen by our founder to ensure a seamless
launch experience from start to finish. In addition,
the following project lead(s) will serve as your direct
point of contact for this service. To learn more about
our team members, please click the name(s) below.

To purchase this service, please schedule a Discovery Call with our founder by clicking on the button below.

If you are an existing client, please let our founder

know via email that you are ready to book this service.


Throughout this service, our founder and Technical Designer will provide you with expert guidance and advice to ensure that your vision for each of your garments is executed exactly as you imagined them to be.

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