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We are here to help you save months and months of wasted time, money, and frustration trying to secure a factory for your sample development and production needs. Using our extensive network of trustworthy U.S. and overseas emerging fashion brand friendly factory partners, we will place you with a long-term factory partner who can provide you with small batch production when you first launch (so you can test your concept in the market with a lower upfront investment) and then larger scale production once you scale and grow.

The factory placement process is complex and requires extensive fashion industry knowledge and experience. Let us put our expertise to work for you so you can get it done right the first time.

Factory Placement

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It is important for you to have a reliable and trustworthy factory partnership that you can depend on season after season, year after year.

Using your completed tech packs done in-house by our technical designer, our founder will tap into her factory relationships to provide you with a Factory Comparison Report that makes it easy to decide which factory is the best fit for your apparel brand by providing you with all the most important factors that you can compare in an easy to review, side-by-side format.

Most people simply do not know how to locate factories who are willing to work with fashion start-ups and spend months and months tirelessly trying to find a good factory partner only to come up with no options.

Work with us so you can take advantage of our extensive network of trustworthy factory resources.

Our founder will tap into her existing industry insider resource database to secure the best U.S. or overseas based factory for your brand. This is a crucial step in the process that will save you months upon months of your precious time.


We will then provide you with a side-by-side comparison report of two (2) potential factory options for you to choose from who work with emerging fashion brands, specialize in your product category, offer no or low minimums, and can produce small batch orders when you are first starting out and larger scale production orders once you grow and scale.


It will include all the pertinent information needed to make an intelligent decision, including pattern, muslin (if applicable), sample and production estimated costs, remote fit session cost, lead-times, minimums, and more. The report will also include our founder's recommendation.  

PLEASE NOTE: You must have finished tech packs completed by our in-house director of technical design before proceeding with this service.

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2-3 weeks

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Project Lead

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Each and every service you book with us is managed
and overseen by our founder to ensure a seamless
launch experience from start to finish. In addition,
the following project lead(s) will serve as your direct
point of contact for this service. To learn more about
our team members, please click the name(s) below.
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Lisa Springsteel Dupré,

Founder & President

To purchase this service, please schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with our founder by clicking on the button below.

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