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A media kit (also known as a press kit), is a must-have marketing tool for any new emerging fashion brand who wants to build their wholesale business, work with influencers, and get press.

Our media kits are both beautifully designed and strategically formatted and serve as an all-in-one information packet for outreach to the media for potential press features, as well as for buyers, retailers, and store owners to review when considering wholesale order placement of your line in their stores. It is also essential when reaching out to fashion bloggers and influencers to form collaborations and partnerships.

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In addition to being a useful marketing tool for outreach to the press and retailers, a Media Kit is also a great tool for fashion blogger, podcast, and social media influencer outreach.


Our Media Kit is in PDF format, so it can be easily emailed or printed. It includes 6 sections + a surprise section that is exclusive to Launch Your Collection and available only to Launch Your Collection clients.


2-3 weeks

Our Media Kit includes the following 7 sections: 


  •  About the Brand: We will make this section come alive with brand imagery and your brand story, including how and why you launched your collection. We will include your brand messaging, mission statement, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and all the unique qualities that make up your line. Don't have a USP? Click here to learn more about our Fashion Branding Guide.


  • Lookbook: We will create a mini lookbook section right inside your media kit with 1 product image per style, including all pertinent style information and product details


  • Press: Here we will include thumbnail images of your press features, along with corresponding links 


  • Surprise section: We can't let you in on this most secretive section created by our founder, until you purchase our media kit, of course. We can let you know that our founder created this section in an effort to make it easier for the press to present you in stories, articles, and features and with this very unique addition, it will help you get a jump start on your competition 


  • FAQ: We are big believers in including a frequently asked questions section, which makes your brand accessible and user-friendly


  • Social Media: We will include social media listings and corresponding links.


  • Connect: Here we will include all the pertinent contact info, so the media knows how to get in touch with you. We truly cannot believe how many media kits we see out there that are designed without this very important section.


Each and every service or package you book with us
is managed and overseen by our founder to ensure a
seamless experience from start to finish. In addition,
the following project lead(s) will serve as your direct
point of contact for this service. To learn more about
our team members, please click the name(s) below.
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