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Work with our in-house design team to bring your vision to life using our guided expertise through the fashion design process.

During the planning stage, we will conduct market research, including current market trends, seasonal color palettes, fabric and trim options, competitive analysis, and trend and silhouette forecasting. Then we will design your apparel collection using advanced 3D technologies, and present the designs to you during a video conference call.

3D technology can save time and money because it gives you the ability to make corrections and adjustments to your designs before you go into tech pack and sample development.



Our in-house fashion designer will custom create a well-merchandised mix of  designs for your apparel collection. Our fashion design services can be used as an add-on to the LYC Signature Launch Program, as a standalone service, for seasonal collections, drops throughout the year, or as needed.

Our design process is carried out in the following  3 Phases:

Week 1: Market Research & Design
Week 2: Design Presentation Formatting

Week 3: Design Presentation


We will kick-off the fashion design services with a phone call with our design team to gain an understanding of your design aesthetic, what your are trying to achieve, your needs, and goals. We will find out what your product category is, what types of designs you are looking for, and all the important details to give us direction. 

JB-Pattern-BrandElements-Brown (1).png


Design Services: $500 per style
Additional Design Requests: $550 per design
Additional Revision Requests: $250 per revision



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Our Design Services Include







We will research the market to understand what is trending in your product category to take into consideration when we begin designing your styles. However, we don't design based on trends alone. We look at what sells well in the market, and we take our years of knowledge and expertise on what research is needed to make good designs.

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Our team specializes in global fabric and trim sourcing and research and development, so we will use our in-depth knowledge to source the fabric and trim for each of the styles in your apparel collection.

We will research the market to understand what color is trending is your market and we will use our expertise to come up with a color palette that is unique to your apparel brand and based on your preferences.

2-4 weeks

To Purchase

To purchase this service, please schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with our founder

by clicking on the button below. If you are an

already existing client, email our founder your

interest in booking this service.

Our ideas will come to life in sketch or 3D sketch form, your preference. Keep in mind that 3D technology allows us to design garments that can be edited and changed prior to going into tech pack and sample development, saving time and money. We will also provide you with more designs than you asked for so you have an array of options to choose from to edit down your collection to just the concepts that you love.

Our designs will be presented to you in Canva format via a video conference call with our fashion designer and the LYC founder. You will have the opportunity to provide us with your feedback and make one round of revisions for each of the design options we present to you. Any additional revisions above the (1) one revision will be an additional fee. At this time, if you would like to request for additional designs not included in the original presentation, an additional fee will apply.

Each and every service you book with us is managed
and overseen by our founder to ensure a seamless
launch experience from start to finish. In addition,
the following project lead(s) will serve as your direct
point of contact for this service. To learn more about
our team members, please click the name(s) below.
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