Are you an emerging fashion brand who has been in business
for at least a year and are now ready to expand and grow or are you a celebrity or public figure? Hiring a sales rep is an excellent way to scale your apparel brand. When you have tested and proven your apparel brand concept in the market and have consistent sales, we recommend working with us to hire a sales rep for your brand in an effort to develop your wholesale business and get placed in larger specialty and department stores.
You will work alongside our Director of Sales in a two phase process as follows: 
Phase 1: Competitive Analysis: we will dive deep into your brand DNA to discover what makes you tick and find out if you are suitable to grow your wholesale business. 
Phase 2: Sales Rep Placement: We will tap into our national sales rep relationships to find the most viable sales rep to represent your brand in the most optimal region in the United States for your product category.
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We will conduct an in-depth

analysis of your brand concept and determine collection viability for the U.S. market. We will ascertain your competition through extensive shopping trips, determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), establish your brand demographics, and make recommendations for optimum success prior to sales rep placement, including regional considerations.


Once the Competitive Analysis is completed, a slide presentation will be provided to you that summarizes the analysis that was done for your brand and presents you with our findings.


Provide (1) suitable sales rep placement opportunity for you to explore. If, after corresponding with your matched sale rep, you don't feel it is the best fit (rare), we with provide you with up to two (2) additional sales reps to choose from. We will also provide you with insider tips and recommendations for your sales rep agreement. Please note: we do not provide you with a sales rep contract or contract template and our recommendations are not a

viable substitute for attorney advise.

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What information will I get up front about the Sales Rep to ensure they are the best fit for my apparel brand?

You will have the opportunity to speak to the rep by phone or video conference, meet in person (if requested), and review the other lines the rep represents to ensure the rep is surrounded by compatible product lines to yours.

What is the typical commission percentage that a sales rep will receive?

The going market commission rate for a fashion sales rep is between 12% and 15%. This is the amount of commission you will pay out to your sales rep for any store orders that he/she books for you.

Does the commission structure vary based on the selling channel (for example: department store versus small boutique)?

You can negotiate different commission rates for different selling channels, but usually the sales rep prefers to keep the same commission structure across all selling channels to keep things simple. This will be agreed upon by both parties and outlined in your contract together.

Will the apparel brand get the opportunity to talk to the sales rep and establish a level of comfort with him/her before final placement?

Absolutely! Our sales and marketing director can arrange for a phone call, video conference call or in-person meeting (or any combination of the three) between you and the sales rep.

Once a sales rep gets an order placed into a store, who manages the store relationship?

Some reps have strong relationships with major department and specialty stores and therefore do all the selling and managing of the account on their own, requiring much less management by the brand. In other cases, the rep relationship isn’t already in place, therefore the rep and the brand will outline the management terms in the agreement.

What responsibility does the Sales and Marketing Director have after the sales rep is placed and agreed upon by the brand?

The service we are providing is strictly from a placement prospective. We analyze each brand's viability for growth in the U.S. market and then we place you with a sales rep. We are not responsible for the management of the relationship or any outcomes post placement. 20% of the success of a sales rep is having the right rep in place; the remaining 80% is the management of the rep on the part of the brand. Too many brands mismanage their reps, therefore our sales and marketing director and Launch Your Collection LLC cannot provide a guarantee once the sales rep is placed. The sales and marketing director will bring well researched and reputable reps to the table, but then it is up to the fashion brand to make sure they also feel it is a good fit, and are committed to building and managing the relationship. Once sales rep placement takes place, neither LYC nor the sales and marketing director have any obligation or responsibility for the success of the brand-sales rep relationship, or the success of placement of the line with store accounts.

Do you provide the apparel brand with a legal sales rep contract?

No. Our sales and marketing director will only provide recommendations as to what terms she recommends adding to the contract. We recommend that the brand hire a contract attorney to create the sales rep agreement.

Does the apparel brand receive several sales reps to choose from prior to deciding on one?

No. Our sales and marketing director chooses the best sales rep for your brand and provides you with her recommendation. If the apparel brand speaks with that selected rep and then concludes they are not the best fit, a second sales rep is presented. If the second sales rep is not sufficient to the brand, a third and final rep will be presented.

What is the typical sales rep agreement term in length of time?

Usually the initial contract between a sales rep and a fashion brand is one year.

What if the sales rep is unsuccessful at securing accounts for the apparel brand?

It is the responsibility of the apparel brand to develop a sales strategy, build the sales rep relationship and manage the rep throughout the term of the contract to maximize selling potential and success. The sales and marketing director’s only responsibility is to provide a Competitive Analysis, present a viable sales rep recommendation to the brand, and to recommend terms that should be added to the contract.

Each and every client launch is managed and overseen by our founder to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. In addition, the following lead service provider will serve as your direct point of contact for this service. Please click on the name below to meet your sales rep service provider.