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Press: Ansel and Opie

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Editor's Note: We are pleased to announce that Lisa Springsteel Dupre, the Launch Your Collection founder and president was interviewed by Ansel & Opie and our company is now a Featured Brand on the Ansel & Opie fashion blog.

Launch Your Collection LLC is a one-stop shop apparel launch company for emerging, established, and celebrity fashion brands.

Tell us about your background.

I am the founder of Launch Your Collection, the author of the book, Becoming a Fashion Designer (Wiley), which published worldwide in English in 2013, published in Mandarin in May 2015, and will publish in Arabic in 2018, and a New York fashion industry veteran, having worked for Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and J. Mendel.

What kind of response have you had to your new site?

We have received a solid, steady stream of traffic to our website, which we believe comes from the wide array of products and services that we offer, our fun and engaging social media posts, and our compelling website design. I designed the website myself, and as the founder of Launch Your Collection, I wanted to ensure that it offered an inviting brand experience, where creative entrepreneurs could come to get educated on both the creative and business aspects of fashion, learn what we do and get launched – all at the same time, while being inspired along the way. We have become famous for our inspirational library, with new categories being added monthly!

What sets you apart from other consultants or agencies that offer assistance to emerging designers?

I have yet to come across another launch company that provides the breadth and depth of packages, products and services that we offer emerging fashion brands. No matter what stage an emerging fashion designer is in the process, we are here to become their trusted launch partner. Our services range from custom logo and website design and social media channel creation, to product development, from the initial concept stage, to sample and bulk development, including sketching, fabric/trim sourcing and tech pack development. Our clients will even get to participate in remote fit sessions with their very own fit models! We create lookbooks, linesheets, media kits, customized buyer order forms, provide our clients with valuable tools, such as our Fashion Branding Guide and our Fashion Attorney Guide, teach them how to write a business plan, how to cost their line, and how to conduct press outreach with a special insider tool called Get Media Happy from Launch Grow Joy. From there, we help promote, market and sell their line. We take pride in tailoring our services to each of our client’s unique needs, so an emerging fashion brand receives only as much or as little guidance as they need to get launched.

Tell us about your new website,

Launch Your Collection is a one-stop apparel launch company for emerging and established fashion brands. Whether a creative entrepreneur has a fashion design degree or no fashion background whatsoever, we creatively guide them step-by-step through the launch process, with one simple goal in mind: To turn their fashion vision into a commercially viable apparel collection.

How can emerging fashion designers benefit from your services?

No matter what stage an aspiring fashion designer is in the process, Launch Your Collection can help them get launch ready. We offer all the necessary products and services needed to create an apparel collection from the initial concept stage. I have also put together a fantastic team of people who are superstars in their respective areas of expertise. Along with myself, we have a technical designer, a director of sales and marketing and a brand stylist – who all work collaboratively to give our clients the very best expertise for their apparel launch. The process of launching a fashion brand is a very complex one, with so many different moving parts. We pool all of our years of experience together to help our clients save valuable time and avoid costly setbacks.

What’s next?

We are in the process of launching our LYC Fashion Series, which will be comprised of webinars and online educational courses. We think this is going to be an exciting addition to our portfolio of products and services that we currently offer, and add a valuable component for our clientele base.

For help in any stage of your collection, visit Launch Your Collection here.

Follow Launch Your Collection on social media:

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