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5 Ways to Get Happified

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

We know just how daunting it can be to launch your own apparel collection, which is why we partner with you to creatively guide you step-by-step through the process. Nevertheless, we do realize how stressful it can be, which is why we are bringing you this most cheerful post. We also know that happy people are more productive and increased productivity can only help to create a successful launch. Happiness can also bring a delightful optimism into your life, increased self-confidence and self-worth, gratitude, hope, compassion, and -- if that were not enough feel good stuff -- give your life a more defined purpose.

Here at Launch Your Collection, we are big believers in being positive and staying positive, but it's not always easy when a big life event happens, like starting your own business. Never fear, we are here with some great tips for how to find your happy, straight from the happy experts over at Happify. Happify has turned a decade’s worth of research into a series of activities and games that train your brain and build skills for lasting happiness. What fun!

Without further adieu, here are their 5 essential skills of happiness:

1. Savor: Savoring is a quick and easy way to boost optimism and reduce stress and negative emotions. It's the practice of being mindful and noticing the good stuff around you, taking the extra time to prolong and intensify your enjoyment of the moment, making a pleasurable experience last for as long as possible. Eventually it'll become a habit—one you'll never want to break. Research by Dr. Fred Bryant, a professor at Loyola University Chicago who coined the term “savoring,” shows that those who regularly and frequently savor are happier, more optimistic and more satisfied with life. Bryant describes savoring as three-fold, meaning we can savor the past (by reminiscing), savor the future (through positive anticipation) or savor the present (by practicing mindfulness).

2. Thank: The simple act of identifying and then appreciating the things people do for us is a modern-day wonder drug. It fills us with optimism and self-confidence, knowing that others are there for us. It dampens our desires for “more” of everything—and it deepens our relationships with loved ones.

3. Aspire: Feeling hopeful, having a sense of purpose, and being optimistic. Study after study shows that people who have created meaning in their lives are happier and more satisfied with their lives (Steger, Oishi, & Kashdan 2008). You too can feel more upbeat about your future and your potential. And who doesn't want that? Genuine optimism is a friend magnet. It also makes your goals seem attainable and your challenges easier to overcome. Bottom line: you'll not only feel more successful, you'll be more successful.

4. Give: Everything about giving is a no-brainer. Obviously, when you give someone something, you make them happier. But what you might not know is that the giver—not the receiver—reaps even more benefits. Numerous studies show that being kind not only makes us feel less stressed, isolated and angry, but it makes us feel considerably happier, more connected with the world, and more open to new experiences.

5. Empathize: Empathy is a powerful word packed with lots of different interpretations. It's the ability to care about others. It's the ability to imagine and understand the thoughts, behaviors or ideas of others, including those different from ourselves. If you care about the relationships in your life—and who doesn't?—learning the skill of empathy has enormous payoffs. When we empathize with people, we become less judgmental, less frustrated, angry or disappointed—and we develop patience. We also solidify the bonds with those closest to us. And when we really listen to the points of view of others, they're very likely to listen to ours.

Do you have any other ways that help you to stay happy? We'd love to hear all about it! So go ahead and post a comment below.

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