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Online Wholesale Marketplace

Say goodbye to expensive, ineffective, in-person tradeshows! We are thrilled to offer you unprecedented insider access to this unique opportunity that brings emerging fashion brands together with over 6,000 retailers from around the world in an online marketplace which allows you to build your wholesale and drop shipping business in a streamlined process and gain the trust of your customers all at the same time.

This fantastic membership opportunity allows you to build your wholesale division and create a dropshipping program, which allows retailers to sell your collection without the financial risk of purchasing inventory.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method in which a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells your apparel after advertising it on their website, you will ship it directly to the customer and the retailer will cover the shipping costs.

On average, a brand earns 20% more per item when sold through dropshipping.

Through this resource created specifically for emerging fashion brands, you can reach thousands of potential buyers, with a 24/7 opportunity to sell your collection in-season, and without time-zone limitations.

Please note: Dropshipping is for brands that have inventory on hand and ready to ship within 4 days or order placement. All dropshipping sales that you make through the online marketplace are subject to a 5% service fee that is paid directly to the online marketplace. Any wholesale orders that you get do not incur any fee. 
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The Online Wholesale Marketplace encourages you to add a lookbook to your online profile. We recommend you consider the lookbook service,

as it gives retailers a better understanding of what you offer and what makes you stand apart from the other brands.


We will provide you with insider access to this powerful resources that was created especially to help emerging fashion brands build their wholesale business and establish a solid dropshipping program for their brand.

No need to have to figure everything out; using the information and images that you provide to us, we will create your brand profile on the marketplace to showcase your brand, including your logo, images of the products in your collection, along with their descriptions, fiber content, fabrication, prices, any press you may have, brand imagery, your lookbook, recent press, and video clips (if available) bringing your collection to life.

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To purchase this service, please schedule a Discovery Call with our founder by clicking on the button below.

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