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Welcome to our Brand Design Questionnaire. Our branding questionnaire aims to create a better understanding of your vision for your logo and brand design so that our brand designer can create a visual identity for your brand that is truly reflective of your brand's values and one that connects and resonates with your customers.

Fill out our Brand  Design Questionnaire

Please complete all 10 questions of the brand design questionnaire below. Once completed, please be sure to hit the SUBMIT button. Then scroll down this page to book your Brand Design kick-off call in Step 02.

Step 01

After submitting your Brand Design Questionnaire above, you can now scheudle your Brand Design call with Lisa. Please give our founder 2 business days from the date you submit your questionnaire to review your answers prior to scheduling your call. So you will select a date on the booking calendar any time after 2 business days from the date of submission. You can schedule your call here.

Step 02

Schedule Your Brand Design Call

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