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All-Inclusive Package


Included  in  the  package

We have included everything you need to develop your brand into one seamless experience.

This package is for you if you already

Have a Business Plan in place, (if you don't, we recommend the "Business Plan Questionnaire" Add-On); have established your target market and brand identity (if you don't, you can select our "Branding Guide & Workbook Add-On); have a custom design logo (if you don't, we recommend our "Custom Design Logo" Add-On; have a custom design website (if you don't, we recommend our "Custom Website Design" Add-On); have basic design concepts in place and are ready to go into sample development and production.

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The details

Branding Guide & Workbook
  • Learn key branding definitions, components and initiatives, and discover your target market's demographics and psychographics


  • Read inspiring quotes from and go behind the label with Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Chanel, Tom Ford, and more 

  • Work one-on-one with our Founder & President to create your Brand Positioning Statement  (BPS), Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and your Brand Mantra, which set the foundation for your brand identity

Custom Logo Design

Team members who will be working with you


The Starter package is offered at TBD.

Our  philosophy

We believe the impact of true customer brand loyalty lies in the convergence of a superior product line that tells a compelling brand story. This very concept serves as the guiding principle for Launch Your Collection and the approach we take to launch each of our client's apparel brands. To learn more about us, click here


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