Tech Pack Development, Factory Placement, Sample Development Management and Production Placement and Management

This series of steps in the launch process is overly complex and requires extensive knowledge and expertise. We've worked with several clients who have attempted to try this on their own and wound up spending on average 1 year and $10,000 only to find themselves having to start over. Let us put our expertise to work for you so you can get it right the first time around!

We are proud to work only with U.S. based factories, so you will always have a Made in the U.S.A. label while working with us. We have outstanding relationships with U.S. based factories who are emerging fashion brand friendly, carry low minimums, offer small batch production, but have the ability to produce large scale orders as you grow and scale. Please note: Some of our factory contacts have overseas factories with U.S. based offices, making the option to produce overseas much less complex and could be an available option.

We will manage the sample development process from tech pack development to sample development and management, including the coordination of your remote fit sessions until your samples are approved in every style. We will then place your production order and manage the entire production process, including grading until your production order is complete.


Our main goal with factory placement is to place you with a suitable factory partner who you can launch with initially for small batch orders and who can also produce larger orders for you as you grow and scale over the years. 

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Included in this Package


Our founder will tap into her existing industry insider resource database to secure the best U.S. based factory for your brand.


We will then provide you with a side-by-side Factory Comparison Report of two (2) potential factory options for you to choose from who work with emerging fashion brands, specialize in your product category, and can produce both small batch and large scale production orders.


It will include all the pertinent information needed to make an intelligent decision, including pattern, muslin (if applicable), sample and production estimated costs, remote fit session cost, lead-times, minimums, and more. The report will also include our founder's recommendation.  



Our in-house Director of Technical Design will create your tech packs, which will include the following sections: 1) Black and White flat sketches of each style; 2) Color CADS of each style; 3) Bill of Materials (BOM); 4) Call out detail section; 5) Specs.


You will have the opportunity to review each section and advise your edits and changes. Once you decide how many total styles you are moving forward with, our Director of Technical Design will also grade your tech packs to your complete size scale (a separate fee applies and will be quoted prior to production step).

$400 per style


Our founder will work with you to determine the right amount of production units needed to align with your selling strategy.


She will then place your production order with the same factory who developed your samples (there is a separate fee if you decide to place your production order with a separate factory other than the one who created your samples).  


She will manage your entire production order until its satisfactory completion. This includes fielding questions from the factory, ensuring the production calendar is executed in a timely manner, communicating delays, changes, and unforeseen circumstances that may arise, resolving technical issues if they arise, educating you on the entire production process, advising you of all of the production related options before the process starts, helping to coordinate bulk yardage, trim, labels, and packaging delivery to the factory, and making a very complex process easy for you! 



Prior to the call, an agenda will be given to you that outlines the items that will be discussed. During this call, our Founder will explain how the tech pack development process works and what sections make up our tech packs.

You will walk our Director of Technical Design through your vision for each of the styles in your collection, and then she will discuss how to best execute them. This is an opportunity for her to get clarity on exactly how you want your styles to be executed before she kicks off the tech pack development process.

This is also a time for you to ask any questions you have. You can also request for sketched variations of different design elements that you are considering for any of your styles, (for example: sleeve, collar, or stitching options), so you can have a visual for how they will look, making it easier  to decide which option to choose -- this is one of the most unique features of our tech pack development process.

$350 per hour:

1-4 styles: 1 hour

5-10 styles: 2 hours

Once your tech packs are approved, our founder will hand them off to your factory, so that your samples can be developed.​ Our founder will then manage the sample development process for you, and will act as a liaison between you, our in-house director of technical design, and your chosen factory, until all samples are approved. 
Remote fit sessions will be conducted via video conference, so you can participate in your fittings from the comfort of your home. This process will also include the fit comments that our Director of Technical Design will provide to your factory detailing specific revisions that need to take place or for another sample to be made.