Tech Pack Development, Factory Placement, Sample Development Management and Production Placement and Management

This series of steps in the launch process is overly complex and requires extensive knowledge and expertise. We've worked with several clients who have attempted to try this on their own and wound up spending on average 1 year and $10,000 only to find themselves having to start over. Let us put our expertise to work for you so you can get it right the first time around!

We are proud to work only with U.S. based factories, so you will always have a Made in the U.S.A. label while working with us. We have outstanding relationships with U.S. based factories who are emerging fashion brand friendly, carry low minimums, offer small batch production, but have the ability to produce large scale orders as you grow and scale. Please note: Some of our factory contacts have overseas factories with U.S. based offices, making the option to produce overseas much less complex and could be an available option.

We will manage the sample development process from tech pack development to sample development and management, including the coordination of your remote fit sessions until your samples are approved in every style. We will then place your production order and manage the entire production process, including grading until your production order is complete.