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An important step in the sample development process is the fit session. As a designer, you should not go into bulk production without having as many fit sessions are as needed until the fit of each of your styles is perfect.


The fit session will take place when your first set of samples are completed. It is remotely attended by our founder, who leads the session, our in-house technical designer who evaluates the fit of each garment and takes notes of all measurements that need to be adjusted and any other changes that need to take place, by you, the designer, and by your sample maker.

Our technical designer will then commmunicate via email the changes that need to be made to your sample maker. Your sample maker will then either need to create 2nd samples or make adjustments to the current samples or a combination of both, and then will prepare those samples for your review. Continuous fit sessions are recommended until final approval of samples.

Investment: 1 Hour Fit Session = $350 + the cost of the model + sample maker fee, if applicable

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