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The customized buyer order form goes hand-in-hand with the linesheet, and will be used during buyer presentations, at trade shows, and anywhere where you are presenting and selling your collection.


When a buyer is ready to purchase items from your collection, he or she will request to see your linesheet and ask if you have an order form. Don't just give them any ordinary order form. Stand out from your competition by presenting them with your very own customized order form with a complete listing of your styles by SKU, size and color/print, making order placement an effortless, time-saver! It will include all of the pertinent product information, as well as payment and ship-to details.


Please note: You will be asked to provide us with style names and description, SKU numbers, colors/patterns, wholesale costs, as well as payment and shipping information.



1 to 6 styles: $95

7 to 10 styles: $125

11 to 14 styles: $150

15 to 20 styles: $185


If you would like to purchase a CUSTOMIZED BUYER ORDER FORM, email us here.


If you would like to purchase a LINESHEET, email us here or if you would like more information, click here. 



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